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Keeping your information private and safe


At Chudnow we strive to protect our customers, their information and their privacy. We have been updating our network infrastructure to better serve that goal with new robust enterprise level components and encryption technologies. In today’s word, hackers and scammers are getting more and more relentless. Security does not come cheap these days but when it comes to securing your data as well as our proprietary information, we will no longer compromise.


Our internal network employs the latest technologies for a more secure network. We encrypt all of our data and double encrypt our customer data both during online transactions and through robust database and backup encryption methods.


With enterprise level equipment like Cisco Adaptive Security Appliances and Managed Switches, we are able to separate various aspects of daily operations from each other with smart network topologies. All of our internal networks are invisible to the outside as well as being invisible to themselves and though no network is truly safe, we are taking every known measure to make it harder to compromise.


The best security policy will not stop at just the network infrastructure because the weakest link is generally the user themselves. We train our personnel to recognize an attack either via email or by phone.


Our disaster response is swift, with offline and remote backup systems, we have the ability to be back up and running with in a day should a need arise.


We Got Your Back!