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Chudnow participates in and complies with several key regulations and directive world wide for most of the parts we manufacture. Your health and safety is of great concern to us and we are happy to participate in these directives. Below is a list of just a few directive we are in compliance with. Cetificates of Conformance can be requested for relavant agencies, directives or regulations.



NSF Certified - National Sanitation Foundation is a certification stating the the specified products we sell are in compliance with NSF standard and is safe for use for direct contact to food and drink.


Our listing can be found @ under Standard 18 Manual Food and Beverage Dispensing Equipment.





ASSE Certified - ASSE’s product performance standards, developed through industry consensus, detail how a product is intended to function under normal operating conditions and include testing procedures and requirements for performance, health and safety. Standards may also include requirements for construction, maintenance and operation.


Our listing can be found @ under their standard 1032




California Regulation:


Proposition 65 - This law states that any manufacturer that sells or supplies products or material containing any hazardous or known cancer causing proprties or contains chemicals known to pose health risks or known to cause cancer or birth deffects, must provide a warning label to the effect.


Chudnow is in compliance with this laws for all of the products we sell, as they apply to food and beverage dispensing applications and the products we sell for that use. Producst such as draft arms, double automatic vent valves, dipper wells, jars, laddles, choclate and syrup pumps and many others are compliant and are excluded from Prop 65 labeling. If you purchase a product from us that requires a statement to Prop 65 Compliance, please refer to the below declaration. Other non-food grade items may contain a listed substances of high concern such as brass fittings and brass body regulators. These products require warning labeling when shipped to California...


Download Declaration



City of Los Angeles - Board of Building and Safety Commissioners. Filed for Series S470D double check valve and double automative venting devices. Refer to file# M-700249.